Oh Behave…..

Thursday, we took the kids to see the pre-screening of the new Mindless Behavior (the negroes pictured above) “documentary”.  The movie started at 5p, but since we knew how much of a cult following fan base these ninjas have, we arrived around 2:30p.  Yes, 2.5 hours early, and we were about 15th in line.  Glad to see there are mothers more trifling than me, that took their girls out of school early to bring them to something so significant and historical as a Mindless Behavior “documentary”.  Meh, judge me if you want, but when your done judging, please kick rocks with open toe shoes on.  
What?  And IF you insist on scratching your head to the white meat, trying to understand why I took the kids out of school early for this….well since you asked, my daughter has had tons of medical issues this year, including a week long stay in the hospital.  So I decided that to change the mood a bit, instead of another neurology and pulmonologist appointment, we’d go to the movies.  I mean I didn’t have to explain myself, but I just wanted to let the people know.  
So back to the event.  We stood in one line for about 45 mins before we were instructed to walk to the theater and pick our seats to watch the movie, then return to a different line for a meet & greet with the singers from the group.   Our options were limited with the seating.  We couldn’t sit in the RESERVED sections (which was damn near every seat).  Our options were either all the way in the back where I am sure the group would look like tiny figurines, or wayyyy up close enough to see the nostril hairs of each group member.  I did what any red blooded American would do, and found a happy medium in the handicap section.  
We ran back out to the meet & greet area and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  As we waited for what seemed like an eternity, the line behind us grew and grew.  I don’t even know where it ended, and honestly didn’t care because we were all the way up front.  The girls in the crowd started to sing Mindless Behavior songs as they waited.   And that’s when I realized how much “non mainstream” my girls and my god child really were.  They only knew 2 songs!! Me and my friend’s unapologetic listening of pop music, gospel music and slow jams of the 90s in the car had a huge impact on them knowing all the “cool” songs. D’ah well!!  
Slowly, more “important” personnel came up to the front, I guess to look official.  Then two body guards came out and you would have thought Jesus Christ himself came into the room (not sure if they would have even showed Him that much love….*sigh*).  The screaming was that of panic, uncertainty and desperation all balled up into one loud octave.  If I had the choice to relive the moments of those girls screaming or listen to Aaron Neville sing Ashanti’s “greatest” hits on repeat, I’d GLADLY listen to Aaron.  When the group (only 2 showed up) finally did come out, it was pure pandemonium.  Girls were crying, wetting their pants, and speaking in tongues at the same damn time.  They lost their mind. 
My middle daughter had the highest pitched scream ever!! It was so high that Pocahontas  RayRay stopped autographing posters just to look up at her in disbelief.  That’s my girl! ha!  So the girls got their pics with the dude that looks like a female and the dude that looks like he’s 35.  Their world was now complete.  I was happy to have that over and done with.  I’m good to go home now.  I mean it’s 6pm.  I’m hungry and my feet hurt…..huh, wait what?  I gotta stay and watch the movie?!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  Take meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
So yea, there was the movie we still had to watch.  I don’t even have the brain cells to give a detailed recollection of that experience.  So here are the highlights:
  • 1 hour showing childhood of each member.  I’m happy they were able to think so far back. How were they able to recall the last 10 -12 years on earth with such clarity.
  • Every 25 mins there was a lesson for the viewers to learn: Be nice to kids with deformities.  Visit Michael Jackson’s childhood home for weird sentimental connections.  Love your mommy. 
  • These boys parents were wayyyyy to trusting to leave their babies with these grown men to pursue a music dream that was not even theirs.  <— that's another discussion!
So after the movie finished and I wiped the blood from my eyeballs, I damn near screamed for the girls to get the heck up and move out.
I mean, it was an experience (an experience I will NEVER have again) and I am glad that the girls enjoyed themselves.  I want to send a HUGE thank you to my dear friend who made this all possible.  +Nae Carter (http://www.ichoosethesun.com) Thanks sis!! The kids would have never had this moment without you.
Well that’s my cue, I see someone is playing in my make up…….


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