N.B.A. & N.F.L. Players

Once a year, the Tax Fairy comes to homes across the nation.  Folks stalk their mailbox from the moment the calendar points to Jan.1, in hopes that their “freedom papers” W-2s have arrived.  All the parents sleep nestled in bed, while visions of dependent kids dance in their head.  Some have already spent the money in their mind.  It’s gone before the CPA can press enter to submit their files.  Nike, Gucci and Hennesy company execs are equally as excited.  They fall asleep to the sound of their quarterly profits skyrocketing.  The numbers are almost moving as one solid line because the money is coming in so fast.
Facebook and Instagram are both flooded with pictures of people showing off what Uncle Sam gave them.  Rims, shoes, weaves, nails, outfits.  Just racks on racks on racks of crisp dollar bills on display for all to see.  Aaaah, yes, it’s tax season ya’ll!  Get it while it’s hot!
But what these N.B.A. (not balling actually) and N.F.L. (not for long) players fail to realize is that they really aren’t stunting at all.  And don’t get me wrong, PLEASE understand that I was drafted into the N.B.A. & N.F.L. at a young age.  At 20, I realized just how “lucrative” it was to have my first tax write off  child and we were dressed to the nines from February to April.  Living in my mom’s house, with a fresh weave, nails done, and my car was clean.  It took a few seasons for me to get my mind right.  And I am actually still working on my game.  Because while I may not be looking in the windows of the gucci store anymore during this time, my tail is flying to Lowes or HomeGoods for mess I don’t even need.  I mean even IKEA is a playground to me!  How many Ivergakamp storage sets do I need?!?
I’m a work in progress.  I changed my exemptions two years ago.  So my “balling” was minimized greatly, and I started putting more money in my savings.  
Check out this great post on the blog Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.  http://www.girlsjustwannahavefunds.com/before-you-spend-that-tax-refund-check/
The whole blog is a great financial tool for everyone (not just women).  I’ve tried to incorporate some of what I learned from the posts into my own finances.  Again, I’m a work in progress.  
So call son-son, and tell him to put down the paint….
Call the shop, tell him….. “hold the pickles”

You aint bout that life anymore.  This message is universal.  Don’t get stuck on the pictures.  ALL RACES are guilty of this “tax fraud”.  I’m just here to shed a little light.  We can all learn something from this PSA.  

Yall keep it up and you’ll be playing for the N.H.L. (national homeless league)!!  
What crazy item have you purchased with tax money?!  Leave a comment below.  🙂




4 thoughts on “N.B.A. & N.F.L. Players

  1. LOL @ the “custom” Louboutins!! I've never actually known the feeling a stacked refund check. A few pennies, but the voices of my parents always rang in my head, so I saved it.


  2. Love this and I know plenty of people guilty of it but I've never had a huge tax refund check like this. Ever. I suppose if I was young, I might have did the same. You live and You Learn.


  3. Like you, I hung my NBA jersey up years ago after I raised my exemptions. But since all I do is owe these days, my azz is in retirement – LOL!

    Folks who wait on the “pay day” from Uncle Sam are looking at the situation wrong – why let him keep your money all year long??? I need my dough today!


  4. Hilarious and great writing. Just a wonderful post. There are many people who love this season because they feel that they've received something for nothing. The reality is that by not selecting the correct numbers of exemptions, they've given the government a free loan. The other bizarre thing is how in the world are you buying knock off everything in March/April, but struggling come May?


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