A Pot To P*ss In

If you haven’t heard about the issues currently surrounding the Queen of Butter, Paula Deen, consider yourself lucky (or in a coma). Since the news breaking deposition hit the internet earlier this month, social media, news sites, and the blogosphere have run wild about Ms. Deen calling people the N-word.  And just as quickly, her endorsements dropped faster than a heaux’s drawls during NBA All Star weekend.

Then the rants came “everyone uses the word, why are they treating her so bad” , “they are being unfair to her” and so on and so on.  It is my belief that a majority of the people that are squawking about the case haven’t even read the lawsuit, or deposition to give a more informed opinion of the situation.  

From what I have read, Paula is clueless about how her brothers actions and her non-actions, have caused this entire thing to spiral out of control.  When allegations about her brother stealing from the restaurant arose, which is “funded with Deen money”, they addressed the issue by giving the brother a pay increase, and writing off the missing money.  The same person that reported her brothers actions, a long time friend, is now someone that Paula claims may be jealous of her and her brothers success and is no longer a credible source in her eyes.  

Another incident in which Ms. Deen showcases her brilliant “non-action” super power, is when a complaint is brought about, by someone who witnessed work place violence by her brother Bubba.  So how was it confirmed if the claim was true or not?  The boss, Bubba, and manager on site, walked up to the gentleman (Big Will), placed their hand on his shoulder and basically asked him what happened.  He didn’t admit to any allegations.  NOWWWWWWWWWW, in my mind, I am wondering, just really what would you expect an employee to say to his boss who has a record for being awful?  This man’s job was probably on the line, and in GA, in this economy, I wouldn’t say jobs are just waiting for you at your doorstep when you wake up every morning.  

I know what you’re saying, but that’s Bubba’s issue, not Paula’s.   And I simply reply meh.  Yea meh.  They’re both stakeholders in the company, 50/50. And Paula had the sense to hire an independent company to review the company and culture of the restaurant.  And then they were to report their findings to Ms. Deen.  That’s awesome!  Right?  Well when the results were not in favor of Bubba & Madame Parkay  Paula, she claimed that the independent review was skewed by several parties, including Lisa Jackson.  Lisa Jackson is the woman filing suit.  When asked if Ms. Deen read the report, she could only answer “I may have”.  When asked if she had a copy of the report she answers “I may, or it may be at the corporate office”.  *sigh*

Ms. Deen understands sexual harassment to be “when someone comes on to you in the workplace”. 


I don’t know, there is just so much to write.  I don’t think Paula is an evil person.  Nope. Given all the fodder I have based on the testimony I have read, I only see her as “clueless”.  She can’t seem to get out her world, to understand that some things just need to be kept at home.  Bubba probably should not be running the restaurant.  He’s a liability.  

Paula needs to also look back at her dry face crying apology on the Today Show, and understand why saying “I is what I is…” probably wasn’t a smooth move.  

In regards to her endorsments, I’m not shocked or saddened.  This is business.  Strictly that.  And if you look closely a lot of these companies haven’t completely severed ties with Paula. Many have merely taken a “hiatus” from peddling her products.  Even QVC gave us a hint that there would be the rebirth of Paula Deen the Great, when they said “People deserve second chances.”  Paula signed a morality clause with all of these companies (I’m assuming).  And if something you do happens to break it, welp, then your contract may become null and void.  This isn’t a witch hunt.  It’s business.  Shoot some of the companies dropping her don’t have a “moral” leg to stand on themselves, so this scapegoating of Paula is Grrrrrrrrrreat PR for them.  
It’s the circle of life.  Paula just needs to go bye bye, for a little bit.  Get some perspective.  Don’t start making appearances on PolitcsNations with Al Sharpton, Ivylana’s Fix My Life or frequenting black churches….Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!  Sure many of us have said bad things in our lives, but I am only representing myself.   Even your family and friends will drop you if you say things  or act in a manner that are against their moral fiber (even if they are living foul themselves) but that is their prerogative.  

In my opinion she has a somewhat twisted view on people of color.  Some of that can be chalked up to her upbringing but the majority of it is chalked up to her inability to grow up (mentally) from those views.  To think” slaves” being waiters at a formal dinner is a fabulous idea shows me that she is still quite juvenile.  

She’ll be on some Oprah Life Class episode soon.  And I heard she’s hired crisis manager Olivia Pope  (Judy Smith).   

And you can still go buy your Paula Deen pot sets, no one is judging you!  

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