STEM Today, STEM Tomorrow!

As a mom of 3 girls, I’ve always been a huge supporter of letting my kids explore a variety of activities and sports that they showed interest in. With the help of our local parks and recreation programs, I was able to register them for these activities at a relatively small price point.  We’ve done soccer, basketball, tennis, guitar lessons, ballet, hip hop dance, swim, ice skating, karate, and a host of other things.  There was only a small commitment (usually 4-6 weeks) and if they didn’t like it we didn’t have to sign up for another session.  Some interests gained steam and I signed them up with a local team or organization.  It just works out great for us.  
When my oldest daughter decided that she was interested in engineering, I knew I had a real task on my  hands.  The issue wasn’t her interest, that made me really happy.  I just knew that inexpensive STEM camps were harder to find then Naomi Campbell’s edges!  Being the most resourceful person this side of the Mason Dixon line, I scoured the internet and online parenting groups in hopes of finding something within budget.   I was able to find a program sponsored by the National Society of Black Engineers, called SEEK.  It was a FREE 3-week program focused on engineering.  As the years have gone by,  I’ve been able to enroll my kids in several other programs.  I wanted to share a few that I know of today.  I am sure I am missing some, so I hope that you’ll share what you know in the comments section.  Low cost or Free is the goal, but I think all STEM opportunities are great opportunities and welcome information on those as well.  

The 9 links below are additional STEM camp/program opportunities.  Good Luck!! (This link is for 2014 program, but contains camp contact information to inquire about 2015 programs)


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