That Crazy Naked Lady

Being a parent is a time consuming, hair pulling, eye gouging, warm fuzzy experience.  You have your ups and you have your downs.  There are times you look down and smile at their sleeping faces and there are times you look down and start twitching as your stare at them sleeping. It’s a mixed bag!

Would I change being a mama for all the gold in the world?  Nerp!  I love these nose-miners!

I have lost all notions of privacy once I became a mom.  I mean, these kids have the audacity to be offended if I close my bedroom door, but scream in horror when they see me in my birthday suit while I’m getting dressed.

It’s really a scene at my house:

Me darting around from my bathroom to my bedroom looking like a thief in the night.
I’m trying to hurry and find some underwear (oh whyyyyy didn’t I grab underwear before I went in to take my shower).

Then the inevitable scream of horror from one of my three kids! “OH MY GOSH!!  Mommy put some clothes on!”    The baby is always certain to come up to me and trace the stretchmarks on my body and ask me why my body looks like “this” or “that”….I’m guessing I look like a 3-D road map to her.

So of course, after they scream, then I scream back at them.  Thus becoming that “Crazy Naked Lady”.

It’s a vicious cycle, and of course people will say “Close the damn door!”.   But a closed door almost works like a “Now Open” sign in a store front with my kids.

So for now, I will continue to strut around my room looking like a sad bag of old bread and next time I might twerk if they say something about me being in MY room in MY birthday suit!!


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