Week 6

Today I went for my first sonogram. Since I am so early in the pregnancy, I had to do the one where they dim the lights, talk softly to you and shove a dildo up your hooha. That’s the only way they can clearly see the embryo. 
I had my husband on video chat so he could see the baby to be.  It was funny. It’s soooooo small. Looked like when you wet a seed and it sprouts a few days later.  Like that, attached to my uterus wall. 
We also got to hear the heartbeat which was 120 BPM.   Hubby said “sounds like the heart of a runner!”
I lost 3lbs since my last week’s Appt. That’s great! I’ve been trying to lose weight since I started working on getting pregnant. My stomach has been bloated the last few weeks. To the point where I took a laxative.
Worst decision ever! Honey! When I tell you that magnesium citrate had me on that toilet all night and the next morning! Plus I had a huge event that next day.  Even after I cleared out, my stomach still liked bloated. I’ve been trying to be conscious of what I eat, and I’ve been exercising. I really don’t want to get fat during this pregnancy. Really!!!!
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