Week 11& 12

The morning sickness has faded away tremendously!! HaLayLoo!!
I was so tired always laying in the bed feeling like I had to throw up but never really throwing up. Week 11 went much faster than I thought it would. It was the week leading up to my first trimester sonogram and I just figured that the days would go by slowly. But that week went by relatively fast. Just like all the weeks before, it seems like this pregnancy is starting to fly by and I’m not really ready for it to do that. I have a feeling that this final pregnancy will be the one that I’m trying to close my legs in the delivery room to prevent the baby from coming out because I’m just not ready.
I had my first trimester screening on Monday the 12th week of my pregnancy. It was very nerve racking up until this day because I knew that this would be one of the few tests that I have that would tell me if there was anything wrong with my baby. I have googled what the image should look like and what the image should not look like and considered myself a pro by this week. I’m happy to report that I did not see what I shouldn’t see on the sonogram and that the baby looked relatively healthy from what we could tell.
I did elect to take the harmony testing, which is a blood test that tests for Down syndrome and two other chromosome disorders. This test also gives us the ability to find out the sex of the baby much earlier. The results for those tests take about two weeks. We got a new sonogram picture and I have been trying to study the angle of the dangle all week. I literally cannot wait for those blood test results to come in so I can know the sex of this child. 
And so we wait…….
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