Week 5

Constipated. Insomnia. Swollen boobs.  I’m already annoyed. Lol. I haven’t had morning sickness yet, but if my previous pregnancies are any precursor, I’m definitely in for a doozy.
I went for my first appointment yesterday. I decided to use the same doctor that delivered my last two.  Since she didn’t have an appointment when I wanted it, I settled with anyone in the Office that had an opening.  It was a guy, which is fine but I forgot how much bigger men’s hands are than women’s.  That exam was no joke.  I have a tilted uterus, so it makes my exams that much uncomfortable.  The doctor mentioned that my uterus was big for how far along I was. He said it could mean multiples. I told him he was a lie.
I got some blood drawn and then was told that my age puts me in the high risk category. *how rude* so I’ll have to get some special sonogram at 11weeks.  Next week I’ll have my first sono. I’ll finally get to meet my sesame seed.

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