Exit….Stage Left!

Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all.  I don’t think you should feel bad for it either.  One day, as I hid in the back of my walk in closet, stuffing a Chik Fil A chocolate chip cookie down my throat as my 6 year old wandered around the house looking for me, I decided I needed to get away from my family.  For their safety my sanity.  If you remember from my Thanksgiving post, I decided to “take a break” from my family and dined with my mother for Thanksgiving.  And then spent the night at a hotel. It was a nice experience.  Not something I’d like to do every holiday, but it was a good change of pace.

After having my 4th child in March, I decided that I needed to have more frequent escapes from my lovely family.  So, my mission (if I choose to accept it) is to get out and enjoy life.  How good can I be to my family, if I am no good to myself.  Shuffling kids all over, breastfeeding a newborn and keeping my marriage intact is a lot.  Not to mention I have a full time job.  So, I’ve put my girlfriends on notice and the word is out.  We’re getting away from it all.

Join me as I try new restaurants, museums, and other local attractions.  Some excursion may be as little as an hour, while others could be several days.  Hey, I may even let my husband tag along on some of these, but NO KIDS!  That’s the catch.


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