Don’t Touch My Baby

As I slept in a chair last night, because my 3 month old has a cold, I thought of this poem.   I’ve never had to use Bruce Lee like moves to block people from touching my baby so much in my life.  Admire my munchkin from a far,  until I’ve said otherwise.  This goes to old lady cheek pinchers too….sorry MeeMaw!

           DON’T TOUCH MY BABY


I know she’s so cute. Her legs are so chubby.
She’s the fourth baby girl of me and my hubby.

Don’t touch my baby.

When you reach for her hands and I smack them away,
Don’t be appalled just remember what I say.

Don’t touch my baby.

I’m not being over-reactive. I’m not making a fuss. But if you reach for my baby , you may hear me cuss.

Don’t touch my baby.

I watched you digging your nose, scratch your ear  & touch your ass.
Now you want to play with her hands? Nope. Sorry.  We’ll pass.

Don’t touch my baby.

To all of the mommies out there reading this ,
You call the shots whether or not they like it.
Sure my baby will get sick!
Shoot,  probably from me.
But for now, heed my words:



School Thank You Gifts!

The end of the year has come and it’s time for us to thank the ones that helped our children learned so much.

This year with our budget kind of tight we decided to make homemade gifts for the teachers. I used Pinterest for inspiration as I created these cute gifts.

We started off with a trip to our local Dollar Tree store. As we walked up and down the aisles, we found lots of things that we could create with.

While I was set on making a cake supply cake, I was reminded that teachers may not want school supplies as a thank you gift.


I decided that a cute water bottle would be something that they could use throughout the summer and also into the new year. I filled the water bottle not only with pens, pencils and erasers, but I also added a few snacks that the teachers could munch on while they wrapped up the school year.


We filled the water bottle up with all the items we bought!

For the bus driver, we were trying to find something that showed that we appreciated her as well. Over Christmas break we gave the bus driver nice chocolates and this time we wanted to steer away from any food products. 


Using Pinterest as my inspiration again, we decided to make a flat card,  using colorful paper to display our message and included two lotto tickets! We’re hoping that she wins at least $3!! 😜

We know it’s not the fanciest,  but these gifts are from the heart.  We appreciate everything they’ve done for our kids, and pray they have a great summer!

Get Up & Go!

This summer, I will attempt to leave the house with my 4 kids.  I need to let them see the light of day, beyond what they can see from our residential street.  I’ve been known to do a lot with my kids, so they can enjoy life and learn a few things.  This includes museums, national parks, and things like that.  Each year it’s gotten harder and harder.

I have a new baby, now 3 months old and I am already getting anxiety about having to leave the house with all of them.  But I must push through it, and enjoy the summer.

While I have little control over how my kids may act (tears for no reason, etc), I can at least control how they look.  My older two are pretty good with coordinating their outfits, but my 6 year old needs a bit of help.

I don’t mind her looking like a 6 year old at times.  But sometimes I need her to look like I love her and match.  So my “get up & go” tip for today is to plan plan plan!
Click to watch video:

Get Up & Go This Summer

I sorted through all of her clothes and took out everything that she couldn’t fit.  I then sorted all of her clothes by type.  One drawer with shirts, one with pants, etc.  You get the point.  Then I started pairing bottoms and tops (NOT ALL) to make complete outfits.  Then I put these outfits in baggies.

I don’t bag and tag all of the clothes, because I still want her to have the luxury of selecting her own outfit, and she needs to learn how to coordinate (somewhat).

The bagged outfits also help when someone gets invited to a friends house last minute.  I have seen in the past it is hard to explain what top to grab for what bottoms, when I am on the phone with my husband or older kids.  It’s much easier to say “grab an outfit baggie or two and throw some shoes in a bag”.

Now this may not be new to you. Heck, I’ve been doing this for years on and off.  I hope you find this of some use and are able to use these tips to Get Up & Go this summer!!


Smooth Like Butter

Many, many years ago I started making natural body butter and lotion for my family.  My oldest suffered from Eczema and I was tired of spending so much money on creams that didn’t really work well.  I didn’t want to keep her on medicated lotions either, so I started doing my research. I found that the solution was in more natural butters.  I dabbled with a few recipes and settled on 3 basic body butters that worked well for my family.   In the winter, our go to body butter is Shea.  In the spring and summer, we go with Coconut Oil or Cocoa butter.

Below is a VERY simple recipe for body butter that we use.  You can play around with the water to butter ratio depending on how thick you want it.  I usually use more butter than listed because we like a thick product.  The cocoa butter lotion goes on thick and absorbs into the skin.  We’re never running around looking greasy and shiny.



(1%) Preservative.
(3%) Stearic Acid.
(6%) Emulsifying Wax.
(20%) Regular Cocoa Butter.
(70%) Distilled Water.
Few drops of fragrance

Heat all ingredients (except preservative and fragrance) on your stove top until everything is melted.  (don’t let the water get to a boiling point).
Using an immersion blender, mix the ingredients on medium speed to ensure complete emulsification.
Once all of your ingredients are mixed thoroughly remove from the heat.



Let cool a little and your preservative and your  fragrance oil.
Mix once more with the immersion blender.
Allow to cool, but stir periodically with a spoon to keep products from separating.
When cool, spoon into jars.


I’m the Perfect Mom! You Can Be Too!

In the wake of the tragedy that happened at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend, I thought I’d share some times where my perfect mom skills were executed seamlessly.  It’s not that hard to be the perfect mom.  Anyone can do it, with a little perseverance and dedication.

Teach your kids to be self sufficient.  You’ll see that my daughter learned at a young age, that she would need to fend for herself.  That included climbing the stove to reach for the rotisserie chicken, as well as tip toe butt naked into the kitchen to grab a quick snack.  She did this all while I turned my back “for just a second”.  She’s definitely a go getter!

“Give a man a fish……”  You know the saying.

amari climbingamari fridge

A good mother always stresses the importance of good skin care.  Have you heard the saying “Black don’t crack”?  Well, it’s true.  Some of it has to do with our wonderful skin care regimen.  My girls know that moisturizing the skin is essential.  And the powder helps control shine.  Again, my thoughtful tot took it upon herself to maintain her skin regimen while I thought she was in her room watching Calilou.

amari lotionamari powder


Get your beauty rest!  It’s important to make sure you get enough sleep.  It goes hand in hand with your beauty regimen.  My daughters don’t care where they are.  When the mood hits them, they are knocked out.  I encourage them to sleep when ever they feel the need.  So this could mean sleeping while hanging off their favorite chair, sleeping propped up by a gadget display wall at Best Buy, or even sleeping on top of the baby’s changing table.  Get in where you fit in, is my motto!

amari sleepCourt Sleepchanging table

Help others!  I pride myself in making sure my kids are helpful to others.  If you see someone struggling, don’t just sit there, do something!  After I had spent a few hours painting my oldest daughter’s room yellow, my youngest at the time decided to pitch in and help.  While we were all out the room, letting the paint dry, this one took a toy wheel, dipped it in pink paint and began painting.  How awesome is she?!  This kids going places!

amari painting


Prepare for the worst!  Always be prepared.  My kids love the water and their father took them to the pool one year.  I wanted to make sure that the baby was safe from drowning, so I dressed her appropriately.  As you can see, she won’t drown or get any water in her eyes.  My husband thought she looked ridiculous, but I said “Safety First”! Gold star for mommy!

mari swimming

I hope that this post has inspired you to see how easy it is to be a perfect mom.  You see nothing will go wrong, if you just follow those few simple steps.  My kids seem to almost go out of their way to make sure I have tons of proof pictures to show, as proof of my perfect mother ways.