Smooth Like Butter

Many, many years ago I started making natural body butter and lotion for my family.  My oldest suffered from Eczema and I was tired of spending so much money on creams that didn’t really work well.  I didn’t want to keep her on medicated lotions either, so I started doing my research. I found that the solution was in more natural butters.  I dabbled with a few recipes and settled on 3 basic body butters that worked well for my family.   In the winter, our go to body butter is Shea.  In the spring and summer, we go with Coconut Oil or Cocoa butter.

Below is a VERY simple recipe for body butter that we use.  You can play around with the water to butter ratio depending on how thick you want it.  I usually use more butter than listed because we like a thick product.  The cocoa butter lotion goes on thick and absorbs into the skin.  We’re never running around looking greasy and shiny.



(1%) Preservative.
(3%) Stearic Acid.
(6%) Emulsifying Wax.
(20%) Regular Cocoa Butter.
(70%) Distilled Water.
Few drops of fragrance

Heat all ingredients (except preservative and fragrance) on your stove top until everything is melted.  (don’t let the water get to a boiling point).
Using an immersion blender, mix the ingredients on medium speed to ensure complete emulsification.
Once all of your ingredients are mixed thoroughly remove from the heat.



Let cool a little and your preservative and your  fragrance oil.
Mix once more with the immersion blender.
Allow to cool, but stir periodically with a spoon to keep products from separating.
When cool, spoon into jars.



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