Get Up & Go!

This summer, I will attempt to leave the house with my 4 kids.  I need to let them see the light of day, beyond what they can see from our residential street.  I’ve been known to do a lot with my kids, so they can enjoy life and learn a few things.  This includes museums, national parks, and things like that.  Each year it’s gotten harder and harder.

I have a new baby, now 3 months old and I am already getting anxiety about having to leave the house with all of them.  But I must push through it, and enjoy the summer.

While I have little control over how my kids may act (tears for no reason, etc), I can at least control how they look.  My older two are pretty good with coordinating their outfits, but my 6 year old needs a bit of help.

I don’t mind her looking like a 6 year old at times.  But sometimes I need her to look like I love her and match.  So my “get up & go” tip for today is to plan plan plan!
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Get Up & Go This Summer

I sorted through all of her clothes and took out everything that she couldn’t fit.  I then sorted all of her clothes by type.  One drawer with shirts, one with pants, etc.  You get the point.  Then I started pairing bottoms and tops (NOT ALL) to make complete outfits.  Then I put these outfits in baggies.

I don’t bag and tag all of the clothes, because I still want her to have the luxury of selecting her own outfit, and she needs to learn how to coordinate (somewhat).

The bagged outfits also help when someone gets invited to a friends house last minute.  I have seen in the past it is hard to explain what top to grab for what bottoms, when I am on the phone with my husband or older kids.  It’s much easier to say “grab an outfit baggie or two and throw some shoes in a bag”.

Now this may not be new to you. Heck, I’ve been doing this for years on and off.  I hope you find this of some use and are able to use these tips to Get Up & Go this summer!!



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