School Thank You Gifts!

The end of the year has come and it’s time for us to thank the ones that helped our children learned so much.

This year with our budget kind of tight we decided to make homemade gifts for the teachers. I used Pinterest for inspiration as I created these cute gifts.

We started off with a trip to our local Dollar Tree store. As we walked up and down the aisles, we found lots of things that we could create with.

While I was set on making a cake supply cake, I was reminded that teachers may not want school supplies as a thank you gift.


I decided that a cute water bottle would be something that they could use throughout the summer and also into the new year. I filled the water bottle not only with pens, pencils and erasers, but I also added a few snacks that the teachers could munch on while they wrapped up the school year.


We filled the water bottle up with all the items we bought!

For the bus driver, we were trying to find something that showed that we appreciated her as well. Over Christmas break we gave the bus driver nice chocolates and this time we wanted to steer away from any food products. 


Using Pinterest as my inspiration again, we decided to make a flat card,  using colorful paper to display our message and included two lotto tickets! We’re hoping that she wins at least $3!! 😜

We know it’s not the fanciest,  but these gifts are from the heart.  We appreciate everything they’ve done for our kids, and pray they have a great summer!


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