Don’t Touch My Baby

As I slept in a chair last night, because my 3 month old has a cold, I thought of this poem.   I’ve never had to use Bruce Lee like moves to block people from touching my baby so much in my life.  Admire my munchkin from a far,  until I’ve said otherwise.  This goes to old lady cheek pinchers too….sorry MeeMaw!

           DON’T TOUCH MY BABY


I know she’s so cute. Her legs are so chubby.
She’s the fourth baby girl of me and my hubby.

Don’t touch my baby.

When you reach for her hands and I smack them away,
Don’t be appalled just remember what I say.

Don’t touch my baby.

I’m not being over-reactive. I’m not making a fuss. But if you reach for my baby , you may hear me cuss.

Don’t touch my baby.

I watched you digging your nose, scratch your ear  & touch your ass.
Now you want to play with her hands? Nope. Sorry.  We’ll pass.

Don’t touch my baby.

To all of the mommies out there reading this ,
You call the shots whether or not they like it.
Sure my baby will get sick!
Shoot,  probably from me.
But for now, heed my words:



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