A Picture Just Won’t Do!

Through they years, I’ve celebrated my daughters success by posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram.  I’d relish in their achievements and loved sharing them with my family and friends publicly.

This year, my kids have surpassed my wildest expectations.  And yes, this is a brag post.  My #blackgirlsrock and surely exemplify .

KK 4.0

My oldest daughter started a rigorous high school program this year.  She’s always done well in school, but this time we knew it would really challenge her.  She would not only be taking regular high school courses, but she’d also be taking college courses.  By the end of her 12th grade year, she’ll graduate with not only her high school diploma but also an Associates degree.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since it was her first year in high school. I knew being a freshman in high school posed it’s own unique challenges.  I never had to remind her to do her homework or study for tests.  I allowed her to work how she wanted to.  She impressed me this year.  She managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA ALL SCHOOL YEAR.  AMAZING? RIGHT?!  I’m still in awe at how she managed to do that and also participate in her girl scout troop.  She didn’t stop there.  She was also accepted into 3 week summer program where she would live on a college campus and participate in agricultural and animal science studies.  This highly competitive program only selected 18 students from all over the country.  She made it out of over 800 applicants.  She’ll also earn college credit from her participation and took the final exam yesterday and earned a 93%.

Making Lemonade

My second oldest daughter started public school for the first time in 3 years.  After only being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a little over a year prior to enrolling in school, we were uncertain of the challenges she may face.  She was super excited.  And adjusted to the new schedule with ease.  She made the cheerleading team and I think that really boosted her confidence.  I think my biggest surprise was how resilient she was in the face of being bullied.  She was starting a new school, and had no friends.  She had no friends and was dealing with diabetes.  And although she may have gotten a little sad during the few incidents, the talks we had seemed to make her stronger.  She always came out on top of all of her situations. She was on honor roll all year. I admired her bravery this school year.  I marveled over how strong she’s been.  I simply adore this little girl so much that I just can’t seem to EVER capture it in writing.  She’s stronger than I’ve ever been, ever tried to be and will ever be.  She’s my hero!

Je suis Amari!

My third oldest started Kindergarten in a French immersion program.  On the first day of school her teacher only spoke French.  For the entire year, her teacher, her classmates, the entire school ONLY SPOKE FRENCH.  How different for her to be in such an environment.  But she took the challenge and excelled.  She came home every night excited to do her homework.  Thank goodness for Google Translate, or I’m not sure how we’d get through it all.  She ALWAYS rocked a smile when she shared with us how her day went.  Her spirit is always positive, and I knew something was wrong when she suddenly hated going to school.  She cried in the morning.  I realized she too was being bullied.  After being the true mama bear that I am, we nipped that in the bud. My smiley faced angel cakes was back to her normal self, and sailed through her year with great grades and she can speak and understand French like a pro!


As you can see, I LOVE my babies.  I can literally sit and cry because it’s frustrating to me not to be able to get out how much I really love them.  It’s weird.  Even when they drive me crazy, I can in the same breath want to smother their sweet faces with kisses.

Am I alone?


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