The Other Women

The other day my mom sent me chocolate covered strawberries.   The note attached was fitting since I have 4 kids and she knew they’d be in my face asking for some.   

Hi! My name is Crystal and I’m stingy! I really don’t like sharing,  but I do share.  They say it’s the right thing to do,  or something like that. 

When it comes to my friends,  I’m even more possessive.  But I understand that I can’t be everywhere at once,  so my friends are allowed to have other friends. 

I kid.  I kid.  Honestly,  as I grew up,  I struggled with sharing the people special to me. From my mom to my BFF, it has always been this way.   I don’t know if it stemmed from daddy issues or what.

Fast track to now, and I no longer have those feelings about sharing my friends (still not sharing my strawberries). 

To the close friends of my mom and my sister-friends,  I say to you “Thank you for being a friend”. Real talk. 

Now I’m not talking about you raggedy ones, that are only good for sharing funny memes on FB, but won’t lend a listening ear when trouble comes. I mean REAL friends. 

  I now find comfort in knowing that there is someone out there that loves my loved ones as much as I do.   I’m a worrier,  and if someone presents me with a problem,  I naturally try to fix it.  It’s nice to know that there is someone else on the team to help.   

I love my close friends.   I love my mom. And I guess by default,  I love you too.


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