Quick Bites: Pureed Apple & Peaches

tempBaby food is a bit expensive these days.  I didn’t realize how expensive until I started introducing my little one to solids.  I made baby food for my other children when they were younger, so it wasn’t a huge leap for me to make some for my newest bundle.  I also believe homemade baby food is a bit more healthy than store bought, but I will TOTALLY buy a jar of baby food with no reservations.  I just understand that jar food is made using concentrated ingredients and water.  That can make the sugar content a bit higher than if you are to simply mash a few fruits and veggies yourself.  Plus I love the fact that you can create your own recipes/unique food combinations.

I’ve been having a ball with my new copper chef pans so I am also using any excuse to just use them!



This recipe calls for only 3 ingredients and is super easy to make.

I used 2 apples, 1 peach and about 8 strawberries.

I boiled the fruit for about 10 mins to get them nice and warm.  I then covered the pot and let everything sit for about 45 minutes.  The water should be cool to warm and you should be able to handle the fruit.  The skin literally falls off the apple and peach.  Discard the skin and seeds, and place the flesh of the fruit in your blender or food processor.  The strawberries are  used in this recipe for flavor.  (I don’t actually add them into the puree).  Scoop a few spoonfuls of the strawberry colored water into the blender.  I used my Vitamix to get a really smooth consistency.  The amount of water depends on the consistency wanted.  More water yields a thinner puree.

Since this is for a 5 month old, I used a bit more water.

I’ve heard various ways to store homemade baby food.  Since I breastfeed my daughter, I simply used the breastfeeding bags for storage.

I’d only recommend keeping the frozen puree in your freezer for no longer than 4 months.  But feel free to use your own discretion.

Since I had a lot of the strawberry water, I made a nice strawberry lemonade.  Nothing is better than natural strawberry flavoring!  No red dyes.  *smile*





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