5 Things I Won’t Miss Now That My Kids Are Back In School


My kids went back to school on Tuesday and the joy that filled my heart was out of this world.   I love my kids with ALL my heart, but they can not only work a nerve, but gang jump that nerve and make that nerve their bitch.  But those are my babies!

Here are a few phrases I won’t miss now that my darlings are back in school:

  1. I’m bored: My 6 year old managed to say this as soon as she woke up.  Before breakfast. While at the playground.  While eating a snack.  While watching TV. While at the beach.  In her sleep.
  2. Can I have a snack?:  I feed my kids, and I don’t mind giving them a snack between meals, but these kids think they should have an after snack snack.  In their mind their feeding schedule should go as follows:
    • Snack, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, snack, dinner, dessert, snack
  3. It’s my turn for the remote! : I try to limit TV time for my kids, but with the new baby and juggling everything with my full time job, I’d sometimes let them watch TV a lot more than I’d like.  We have a total of 7 TVs in this house.  3 with cable. 4 with Roku/Chromecast.  They choose to fight over 1 TV. *sigh*  I usually end the fighting by telling them to turn it off and find something to do that doesn’t involve a TV.
  4. It’s hot outside! :  IT’S SUMMER!!!!!
  5. Why? : This is a year round phrase, but during the summer it popped up more often. It didn’t matter what I said to them, they’d ask why.  And it wasn’t a disrespectful why all the time.  They just needed to know EVERYTHING.
    • Me: Get dressed.  Them: Why? Me: Because I’m selling you to the highest bidder.  Them: Why?  Me: Because you ate all my snacks! NOW GET DRESSED!

Me and baby Ken are going to try to enjoy our time alone as best we can.  I know a closed school day is lurking around the corner!

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