Take 5!

Have you heard the joke about the mom that took 5 minutes out of her schedule to do something she wanted to do?  No? Wait…it’s NOT a joke?  Mom’s actually take time out to enjoy life outside of kids? No FRIGGIN WAY!

I know it may be hard to fathom, but there IS life outside of our sweet angel faces.  It may not be the life you dreamed of.  So maybe you won’t be relaxing on the French Riviera anytime soon, but you can feel like you have been.  It’s all about your state of mind.  You know the saying “life is what you make it”?  That’s totally true.  You can still be a kick ass mom and dad, while also living a little.  I’m not saying you want to relive your college days (my liver just breathed a sigh of relief), but you can try to feel almost as carefree as you did back then.

So what do you say?  Let’s see what we can get into whether we have 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days!

5 minute – You’ll need a timer for these activities, plus probably a room you can hide in. YES HIDE IN!

  • Grab your favorite food from the store, bakery, food truck…where ever.  Tuck it away for your “Take 5” moment.  When the kids are in bed, at a friends house, watching TV or eating dinner, take your 5 minutes and make mouth love with that food.  Eat that food like you’re on death row and it’s your last meal.  Nibble that edible delight like it was the neck of your lover the night you created the nose miners you’re hiding from. (Did I go too far?) Enjoy it!  It sounds soooo simple but if you close your eyes and eat the food that you really want, and there is no one in your face saying “I like cake too mommy”, there is a truly euphoric feeling there.
  • Take a mad dash out the house.  “Oh rats, we’re out of pickled eggs. Let me run to the store and buy some. I know it’s 10pm, but the kids just loooove their pickled eggs.”  And run baby!  Run like your being chased by a pack of wolves while you’re wearing Lady Gaga’s meat dress.  Jump in your car and take off.  Don’t even take your purse because where you are going, you won’t need it.  Why?  You aren’t going anywhere.  Nope.  You’re kids don’t like pickled eggs silly!  I’ve taken many a “store runs” just to get out the house. I’ve gone up and down the highway, playing my music, singing at the top of my lungs and just letting the wind blow in my car.  It’s very relaxing.  And when you return, simply say “oh they were all out”.
  • Grab your partner and dosey doe to the bedroom.  (Yes mom, I did write that!)

5 hours – Oh the options!

  • So are you and  your other mom/dad friends all trying to save each other from the monotony of being a parent.  Then reel it in!  Have a date night in/girls night in/boys night in.  Depending on the guest list, everyone meets at one person’s house.  You generally want someone that has the largest house.  Preferably someone that can house everyone’s kids separately from the parents.  In my house it would be my basement.  There is a play room and living room down there.  Plus the backyard has a trampoline and swing set.  Then all the parents chip in for a baby sitter or two, to take care of the kids while the adults are upstairs enjoying each others company.
    • Use this time to do a few things:
      • in home cooking lessons (group)
      • game night
      • Sip and Paint
      • Pamper Party (spa)
      • Movie night
  • So you are one of the rare species of parents that has an actually sitter for the night.  Well, don’t let your money and snacks go to waste.  If it’s during the day time find a few things to do with your friends.  I’ve done a few hours at a local winery.  A long dinner/lunch/brunch.  Visit a local museum.  Enjoy a spa day.  Something I’ve always wanted to do were those mystery rooms, where you have to use the clues to find the key to get out the room.  Fun!!!

1 whole day – Now you’re cooking!

  • Now is the time to combine a few of your 5 hour activities and make it one big dream day.  There is so much to do and so little time.  So how does it all work?  Reservations are key if you don’t want to squander a single minute of your freedom.  I’ve planned a few of these types of days for my girl friends!
    • 3 options I’ve presented:
      • Brunch/Winery/Spa Treatment (1)/Dinner
      • Brunch/Spa Day (2-3)/ Dinner/Casino
      • Breakfast/Shopping/Spa Treatment (1)/Karaoke
  • Take a day trip!  I live close to a few beaches (2-4 hour drive depending on which one I go to).  I love the beach!  I love watching the kids play at the beach, but it’s so nice to just lay and not have to worry about making sure your kid doesn’t drown.  Watching kids around water makes me nervous.  So, I love the idea of just looking at the waves crash against the shoreline and not have a care in the world at the moment.  After the beach, grab dinner.  Make the day count!  Then head home.  You’ve got a smokin’ tan.  Your hair smells like the beach, and you feel like a million bucks.  Your kids won’t even recognize you.

5 whole days – I’m jealous.

  • How the heck did you pull off 5 days away from your kids!?  If you did pull it off, I’m assuming this means you are somewhere tropical or in Italy or enjoying everything on the continent of Africa. Something AMAZING.  I can also bet your bottom dollar that by day 3, you’re saying “Man I miss the kids”.  Enjoy your extreme Take 5, you don’t need my help at this point!

Parents, we know you love your kids.  We get it!  Don’t feel guilty about wanting a little free time for yourself.  There is nothing wrong with that.  You deserve.  Seriously!


**PS – I wrote this post while nursing my 6 month old.  I could REALLY use a “take 5” soon.



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