National Crystal Nicolumbus Day


There are very few times when I am free to do what ever I want to do, free and clear from my family.  If you remember, last month, I told you parents to make sure and Take 5.  Meaning take a break from parenting to just enjoy something you genuinely are interested in.  Today, I was afforded the opportunity to do just that.  With the bogus ass holiday (Columbus Day) closing my office, I had a free day.  Top that with the kids still having to go to school, and well my friends….that’s just stuff my dreams are made of.

In years past, I usually just sit in the house. One year I accidentally started working from home and about 3 hours in realized the reason no one was responding to emails was because it was a damn holiday!

Today I didn’t let that happen.  Today I had so many things I wanted to do.  I knew it’s wasn’t possible to do it all but a girl could dream.  Watch the video below to see how I spent my Crystal Nicolumbus Day.  Next year, I’m going hard!  I think I’ll hire someone to clean my house and then I’ll feel awesome coming home to a sparkling house!!

Make sure you guys are taking your 5!  Doctor’s orders!

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