Out of the Box

Since school started, I realized just how hard it was to juggle 4 kids and work full time.  My time is stretched so thin, that I am looking for ways to not necessarily cut corners, but find easier ways to do a lot of my routine tasks.

Shopping has been my biggest hurdle.  I find myself running to the store almost everyday because I ran out of something.  I make lists but still seem to not have everything I need.  I decided the easiest and cheapest way for me to shop would be online.

I’m no stranger to shopping online.  Years ago, I only did my grocery shopping.  Then I stopped.  Well I’m back at it again!  I’ve found a few sites that help me save money, save time and save my sanity.

I decided to try Boxed yesterday.  They carry larger sized products, similar to what you’d see at Sam’s or Costcos.  I did a bit of comparison shopping and bought mostly items that were discounted/marked on sale.

My small hall only cost $28, plus I had free shipping!  I didn’t think that was bad considering the amount and size of the items.  Plus they three in a sample of Dove shower soap and a lovely handwritten note thanking me for my order. I’ll definitely look to order from them in the future.  I’m hoping they’ll expand their selection and also consider taking manufacturers coupons like BJs (which I have a membership with).

I encourage you to at least try them out.  Get $15 off your first order by following this link:


Happy Shopping!!


Look for my other post next week for my haul from Amazon Prime Pantry of normal everyday items.








*This post was not sponsored in anyway.  These were my honest thoughts about Boxed.  The link for $15 will also allow me to get a $15 credit on my account for referring customers.


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