Little Red


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test drive a 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 SE.  I had an entire week devoted to looking at all of the features, analyze the on road performance and incorporate it with my day to day activities.

Now, I know you are wondering….Crystal, how did you get your tall behind in that little car?!

Here me out….When I first found out which car I’d be receiving, I was a bit taken back.  I have 6 people in my family.  Surely we weren’t all going to fit in this small sized car.  I’ve got a baby seat and booster seat to think about.  Plus kids that scream if the other looks at them, and will go ballistic if they think one is actually touching the other.

But I do have a 15 year old.  She’s going to be getting her license some time next year, and I’d love to see what car options are available to her.  

As I awaited delivery of the car to my house, I remembered that in high school, a close friend of mine had a 2 door Mitsubishi Mirage.  We had a half day schedule and after class we’d head down Georgia Ave to “Babe Watch” the guys at Howard University.  We had so many memories in that mirage, and they all began to flood back as I amped myself up to receive the car.

When the car arrived, it appeared even smaller in person.  But the cool thing was it was a bright cherry red!  The same color as my friends.  I got a quick walk around and when the delivery people left, I began to check out all the features.  

The car was cute!  I mentioned that I would have loved to see a more sleek body design, maybe something comparable to the Hyundai line up.  When I sat down inside I honestly was surprised by the amount of room I had.  At no point did I feel cramped.  I kept having visions of me looking like that Simpsons’ character.

Image result for tall man in little car simpsons

I zipped around in Mitsy….Oh yea. I named her Mitsy.  I showed her off to my family.  They were shocked by the size, but they all agreed it was nice on the inside.  

Aside from the missing middle arm console, I got used to the car relatively fast.  

Speaking of fast, this car will not take you from 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds.  This car only has a 3 cylinder engine, so for me that was an adjustment from my car.  Once I adjusted to the fact that I couldn’t just dart out into traffic, I did like how it handled while I reached my desired speed.  It was actually pretty zippy on the highway.  

The infotainment center was pretty nice.  It has a 6.5″ touch screen and can connect your Apple or Android phone for extra features.  I used my Android phone to link up to Pandora and Google Maps. It was pretty cool.  The sound system was also great!  

On Halloween we hooked up my phone to YouTube, and played scary music as trick or treaters came to our door.   It was hilarious.  People thought someone was going to jump out the car.  And the sound was VERY boastful.  It didn’t sound scratchy.  It was a truly rich sound. 


This model also came equipped with a rear view camera and heated front seats.

There are a ton of other features on the car, and for a more comprehensive write up of car, I’d suggest you visit their website: Mitsubishi Mirage

Overall, I’d consider this as a vehicle for my oldest daughter.  But I’m definitely open to other small cars.  This will be a long process for our family.   Any suggestions on good small cars?

Check out my two YouTube videos:


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