Captain $ave A….


The holidays are coming up.  And they are coming up fast.  The trend to shop online has increased sharply over the years, as consumers opt to wait for their packages in the comfort of their home.  Long gone is the day of sifting through piles of products, only to have to stand in obscene long lines.  Since shipping can happen relatively fast now a days, it makes shopping for the holidays a little bit easier. This post is geared at helping you get the most bang for your buck.

As my family has grown, I’ve looked for more ways to not only save a dime, but to also save time.  I’ve worked on streamlining a lot of my shopping by using various online shopping tools.  I’ve got coupon apps on my phone that ding when I am near a store that’s having a special sale.  I even follow a lot of the coupon mavens that tell me what coupon and store special combined that can save me some major dough.

I think one of my biggest finds has been Amazon Prime.  I signed up for Prime years ago, when it first came out.  I’ll admit, my first intention was to “beat the system”.  I signed up for their free 30 day trial close to the holidays.  I ordered most of my gifts from Amazon and loved getting the free 2 day shipping.  My plan was cancel my order before the free trial was up.  Well I forgot, and I was charged a whopping $70 for the year.

I was quite upset, so what did I do….I tried to stick it to the man and purchase a bunch of stuff to make it worth the $70 I was charged.  But then something happened (aside from me going broke and making Amazon rich).  Amazon started rewarding their Prime customers with more free content and other features.  I got to the point that I no longer scowled when I was charged the $70.

I use Amazon Prime ALL THE TIME!  I use it to purchase my type 1 diabetic’s diabetes supplies (needles).  I use it when I am in a pinch and need something immediately. I’ve honestly had items come in less than 2 days with out selecting the One Day Shipping option.  I’ve used it as entertainment for the kids, since they have a lot of free digital content.  I’m spoiled by Amazon Prime and am thankful I didn’t cancel my subscription.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Have you tried Amazon Prime?  How do you like it?  If you haven’t tried, I’d definitely go for it.  At least use it to your advantage as you do your holiday shopping.  Free 2 day shipping on all your holiday gifts for a whole month, with no minimum order.  If you hate it….cancel it.  I always set a reminder on my calendar to cancel free trials at least 2 days before they are to expire.  So do that as well.



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