The Morning After Pill


On Tuesday, the nation elected it’s 45th President of the United States of America.  For a presidential race that seemed to linger for what seemed like an eternity, the results came in as unexpectedly as a swift kick to the throat.  I’ll admit, it was and still is a hard pill to swallow.

Or was it unexpected?  For 8 years, we’ve lived in the bullsh*t  proclaimed “post racial” society where we witnessed the brutalization of black and brown people from a smart phone.  We’ve watched a son killed on Facebook live, a daughter killed over a traffic citation, and even a father killed for standing on a corner.

As I watch the gentrification of Washington, DC happen, I am astounded at the amount of uneasiness I feel…as a black woman…in Chocolate City.

My goal is not to write a think piece on the true state of our union.  I’m not equipped mentally to do that, plus I’m not eloquent enough to write those type of posts.  But I will say that it hurts me to have to explain why we elected this person to be the president.  I’ve never had that experience.  I’ve never seen children CRY over an election.  My 6 year old came home confused as to how this man won.  At 6, I don’t even know if I cared about an election.  Let alone knew who was running.

I asked my 15 year what was the discussion at school when news erupted of the winner of the presidential election.  She joked that most kids were going to “move to Canada”.  While we laughed at the notion, I really wanted to know her thoughts.  I sat with her and asked her why she was upset that this person was elected.  I wanted to make sure she understood what was happening and what the implications of this person being in office could mean for everyone.  And with pride, my baby was able to articulate her feelings and her knowledge on how the government works.  She wasn’t just mimicking what she saw on SnapChat, she actually knew what she was talking about.

That talk was reassuring.  And now I’m working with her to see what we can do at a local level that will lead to changes at the federal level.  She understands how civics works.  She knows that there is more at stake then just who is sitting in the oval office.  She seems hell bent on making sure the next 4  years count as a learning exercise.

I want people allowed the opportunity to grieve.  Let us be upset.  Folks spent 8 years butt hurt that our President was black.  8 years!  They never got over it.  They were so upset that they spent 2 years rallying up their goons to make sure we didn’t try anything like that again…you know like maybe a woman president.  I can’t emphasize how this is much more than Don Cheeto giving state of the union speeches.  This is about a segment of folks that are treating him as the damn key master who opened the gates for them to show their entire racists ass.    We’re putting yall on notice….we’re NOT our parents.  Don’t get that ass tagged because you puffed your chest to the wrong sister or brother.

My bestest friend in the world did a FB live post on our “post election blues”.  It’s great insight! Check it out!



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