I Said Yes!!

Proposals come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are asked over an elaborate show of affection, while others are simply asked casually over the phone.  The only thing they want to hear is “yes”.  They want you to be excited about it. I mean, it’s a big honor and a big deal.

So a few months ago, I said “Yes!”.  My proposal included jewelry, a personalized wine glass, and a luggage tag.  The colors were Spa Blue and gold.   The proposal was pretty sweet!

I was excited to be asked to be the Matron of Honor in my friend’s wedding.

This was not just any wedding.  This was going to be a beautiful wedding in sunny Jamaica.  Jamaica yall!  I’ve never been.  So I was super stoked.  I had about 12 months to prepare myself for the wedding.

As quickly as I was happy, I instantly got depressed.  I had JUST had a baby.  My body looked like chocolate pudding without Spanx.

My thought process went like this:

August: OK, summer is over. No more bbq’s.  Let’s start eating healthy and doing some slight cardio.

September: Kids started school.  I just started back to work from being on maternity leave.  My body has decided that it will not fall in line with my beach body goals.  It has begun to turn against me.

November-December: I will not eat all this yummy holiday food!  Have restraint woman!  Put that slice of sweet potato pie down..NOW DAMMIT!  Mmmmm pie.  **only crumbs remain on my plate**

January: *Final fitting for bridesmaid dress*  WTH?!  Who did this to me!? Ok, let’s hit the gym.  Let’s eat better.  Let’s get a plan together.

And I did stick to a plan.  Somewhat.  I stopped drinking sodas, juice, milk, etc. I only drank water.  Fruit infused water was my favorite.  I cut out a lot of processed sugar which I realized made my stomach bloat.  I found alternative sweets that weren’t too bad for my waistline.  I also juiced a bit to help curve that sweet tooth.

I left for Jamaica fitting my clothes much better.  I was NOT bikini beach body ready, but I was proud of the little progress I did make.

Now here’s my BEST advice:

I lost my damn mind the first 3 days while in Jamaica.  I think the sugary drinks are what did me in.  And I didn’t realize that I was PMSing (it was a week early), so I was eating EVERYTHING.  I had undone everything I worked so hard for.   And I could tell most of it was bloating from the sweet drinks and water retention from the salty jerk chicken that I ate everyday.

I didn’t plan for this and in hindsight I would have tried to stay longer after the wedding and not before.  Plus I would have planned my meals out, as best I could.

Check out this link to see some of the products I used to help with my weight loss.  I’ve decided that I am REALLY going to take this seriously and would love to have a nicer and toned body by my birthday in May.  So I’m kicking my plan into overdrive.  I will stay the course.



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