Lights! Camera! Action!

No, I’m not talking about filming your next big movie. I’m talking about planning your next party. Yes, party. Long gone are the days of blowing up a few balloons and having a pretty cake. We the people, require themes, candy bars, food stations, save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, gift themes, and a cake that looks like real life objects. Again, this isn’t your ordinary set up.

As a momma of 4, and daughter of an Arts N Crafts Queen, I’ve dabbled in hosting elaborate celebrations. I loved the final product. I loved to wow people.

But can I be honest? It’s a LOT of work. My mom does it way more than me. She’s actually passionate about “the look” of a party. She spent 1.5 years planning my daughter’s Sweet 16. She’s that dedicated and she’s that GOOD!

She’s set to retire soon, and I’m already working on how to tap into her creative skills and monetize it. I don’t think that type of talent should go to waste. So look at her last two events. Tell her she’s crazy not to pursue this as a stream of income.

How wild are you about planning parties? Is there no budget when it comes to your events, or do you prefer to keep it simple?



13 thoughts on “Lights! Camera! Action!

  1. I am a keep it simple person. Even my wedding was that way at a chapel. This setup looks good to me though :-). I would have a great time and l hope you figure how to monetize after your mom retires.


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